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The term "prehistory" can refer to the vast span of time since the ... of pre-human time periods typically use the well-defined geologic ...


Prehistory definition, human history in the period before recorded events, known mainly through archaeological discoveries, study, research, etc.; history of ...


Define prehistory: the study of prehistoric humankind; a history of the antecedents of an event, situation, or thing — prehistory in a sentence.


Since pre means "before," and history is the record of human events, prehistory refers to the time before human civilization developed and started writing things ...


prehistory definition, meaning, what is prehistory: the period of human history before there were written records of events: . Learn more.


Prehistory are events or things that happened before there was a record of events, or what happened leading up to an event. An example of prehistory is when ...


Definition of prehistory - the period of time before written records.


Learn about prehistory in this lesson. Look at everything about prehistory, from the earliest appearance of humans to the development of stone...


Prehistory definition: Prehistory is the time in history before any information was written down. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.