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Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically ...... This means SMS messages can be sent directly to and from recipients without having to go through the SMS-C of other mobile operators .


Text message definition, an electronic message sent over a cellular network from one cell phone to another by typing words, often in shortened form, as “l8t” for ...


Define text message: a short message sent electronically usually from one cell phone to another.


Define text messaging: the sending of short text messages electronically especially from one cell phone to another.


text message definition, meaning, what is text message: a written message, often containing short forms of words, sent from one mobile phone or…. Learn more.


Mar 3, 2017 ... Definition. Texting is the process of sending and receiving brief written messages using a cellular (mobile) phone. Also called text messaging, ...


This definition explains the meaning of text messaging, the common term for sending short, alphanumeric communications between cellphones and other ...


Oct 13, 2017 ... This frequently updated chat guide lists 1500+ text message and online chat ... five text abbreviations are the most requested chat definitions:.


text message definition: a short communication in the form of text (noun) sent or received by a portable electronic device, esp. a cell phone...