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A natural phenomenon is an observable event which is not man-made. Examples include: sunrise, weather, fog, thunder, tornadoes; biological processes, ...


all phenomena that are not artificial. ... natural phenomenon. Add to List... Thesaurus Share It. Definitions of natural phenomenon. 1 ...


Freebase(1.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: Natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon is not an engineered event manufactured by humans, although it may ...


Define natural phenomenon. natural phenomenon synonyms, natural phenomenon pronunciation, natural phenomenon translation, English dictionary definition ...


Define Natural Phenomena. Natural Phenomena synonyms, Natural Phenomena pronunciation, Natural Phenomena translation, English dictionary definition of ...


Define phenomenon: an observable fact or event — phenomenon in a sentence. ... natural phenomena like lightning and earthquakes. the greatest literary ...


Dictionary and thesaurus download for Windows · Crossword ... All phenomena that are not artificial. Derived ... Encyclopedia: Natural phenomenon. Nearest.


Oct 22, 2013 ... In this sense, one could view natural hazards as a poorly-defined subset of “ potentially dangerous” natural phenomena. Some texts (ex.


"natural phenomena" is a plural form of "natural phenomenon": all phenomena that aren't artificial. Type of: phenomenon. +References.