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The graphical control element dialog box is a small window that communicates information to the user and prompts them for a response. Dialog boxes are ...


The definition of Dialog Box defined and explained in simple language.


Dec 25, 2005 ... A dialog box is a small window or message box that appears temporarily in a GUI (graphical user interface) to alert the user to a condition ...


Define dialog box: a window on a computer screen for choosing options or inputting information.


Oct 11, 2017 ... Computer dictionary definition for what dialog box means including related links, information, and terms.


A dialogue box is a box that pops up to enable communication between the computer and you, the user. Dialogue boxes may ask you questions or give you ...


This section discusses dialog boxes. A dialog box is a temporary window an application creates to retrieve user input.


Dialog box definition, (in a graphical user interface) a box, called up temporarily on the screen, that asks for user input or displays information. See more.


A box that appears on a display screen to present information or request input.