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How to Get Rid of Chipmunks. Chipmunks are furry and cute--until they start to chomp your landscaping and garden. Fortunately, you can get rid of chipmunks using a variety of traps, or you can deter them with some natural methods. This...


HUMANE HINTS: In some cases, you don't need to remove chipmunks at all - just leave them alone! NEVER attempt to poison chipmunks. If you trap them, set traps in shade, and do not leave a chipmunk in a trap for more than a few hours before relocation. Read below for how-to hints.


Jan 29, 2018 ... There are many ways to control chipmunks, including taking steps for prevention, trapping and releasing, and using homemade chipmunk repellents. Because chipmunks are rodents, many of the same methods used to control chipmunks are similar to those used rats, mice, and squirrels. But the most ...


Tips from HGTV for keeping chipmunks out of your yard and garden.


The question of how to get rid of pesky chipmunks can become more serious in case these rodents start destroying your walls, attic and yard. If you are suffering from invasive chipmunks, check out the solutions we offer in this article.


Do you pest chipmunks in your yard or in your house? This is all the information you'll need to get rid of chipmunks.


Not only can these furry creatures wreak havoc on your yard and garden, they're also likely to make their homes in your walls and attic. If left to do as they please, chipmunks can cause enough damage to sacrifice the structural safety of your home. So what can you do if you're struggling with a chipmunk infestation? The key ...

Dec 17, 2008 ... To get rid of chipmunks, fill a bucket with water, place a ramp up to the bucket and entice the chipmunks with pumpkin seeds on the ramp and in the bucket. Control the chipmunk population by allowing the chipmunks to drown in the bucket of water using advice from the owner of a pest control business in ...


The trick to effective chipmunk control is an integrated strategy; using multiple control methods will help ensure long-term success. Here, Havahart® provides step-by-step instructions to help you get rid of chipmunks, as well as other useful trapping and repelling information.