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In geology and geomorphology, an erosion surface is a surface of rock or regolith that was formed by erosion and not by construction nor fault displacement.


Erosion surface definition, an eroded land surface, especially one that is nearly flat and featureless. See more.


Define erosion surface: a surface generally of low relief shaped by erosion.


Erosion Surfaces. Definition: Gently undulating land surface that cuts indiscriminately across underlying geologic structures and that is the end-product of a long ...


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Definition: a land surface of low relief reflecting long term erosion. The surface may now lie well above sea level as a result of uplift or be tilted or deformed as a  ...


Looking for erosion surface? Find out information about erosion surface. A land surface shaped by agents of erosion Explanation of erosion surface.


Geomorphologic landscapes and landforms related dominantly to water erosion but excluding perennial channel flow (i.e. fluvial, glaciofluvial) or eolian erosion.


There may be a veneer of alluvium over the erosional surface, particularly where soft rocks (e.g., shales) occur on the piedmont. Massive rocks, such as granite, ...