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Examples of Simple Acids and Bases
Acids and bases are present in great quantity and variety throughout the world. They occur naturally and can be synthesized. Their uses range from cleaners to food flavorings and can be very safe or very dangerous to handle. Acids and bases often exist... More »
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Hydrochloric acid (HCl) in gastric juice; Sulphuric acid (H2SO4); Nitric acid (HNO 3) ... Common Acids, pH, Common Bases, pH.


Vinegar has a pH of about 2.4. Baking soda has a pH of about 9. Other examples are shown in the table below. Common examples of acids and bases ...


Also, our pancreas uses a base called an alkali to help with digestion. These are just a few examples of how the chemistry of bases and acids help our bodies ...


In contrast to acids, bases—caffeine, for example—have a bitter taste, and many of them feel slippery to the touch. They also produce characteristic colors in the ...


A, B. Hydrochloric Acid, HCl. Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH. Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4. Nitric Acid, HNO3. Potassium Hydroxide, KOH. Carbonic Acid, H2CO3. Calcium ...


Apr 7, 2017 ... If you're a chemistry student, you'll want to know the names and formulas of some of the common acids and bases.


Apr 27, 2017 ... Here is a list of ten common acids with their chemical structures. Learn about each acid and their composition. ... Chemistry Students Should Know These Acid and Base Formulas · Lithium hydroxide ...


An Introduction to acids, bases, and the pH scale. ... Table 1 has examples of substances with different pH values (Decelles, 2002; Environment Canada, 2002;  ...