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Learn about magnetism with these fun facts from first4magnets. ... Magnets & Magnetic Fields - ... Use our fun magnet facts to start learning how magnets work.


Mar 29, 2015 ... However, some mysteries have been solved. In this blog, we have compiled a list of some of the strangest facts about magnets and magnetism.


Check out our fun magnet facts for kids and enjoy learning some truly ... Magnets are objects that produce an area of magnetic force called a magnetic field.


Magnet basics. Ten Facts about Magnets. (from the book Driving Force). 1. North poles point north, south poles point south. 2. Like poles repel, unlike poles ...


We scoured high and low finding fun and interesting facts about magnets, something most people take for granted. After reading these interesting facts you' ll be ...


A magnet is a very special metal. When a magnet goes near a special kind of metal or other magnets, and the poles (sides) touching are opposite, it will pull, ...


May 14, 2010 ... Magnetic Generators use the power of magnets, so I am writing this post – Facts about Magnets – as I realize that many lack of the knowledge ...


These are the parts where the magnets are strongest. ... Fun Facts about Magnetism for Kids ... The magnets on your refrigerator have more magnetic force.


Learn facts about magnets for kids. Learn the history of discovery of permanent magnets and use of electricity to make powerful magnets today.