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How to Fold a Paper Star. Whether it's for decorating or your first steps into origami, learning to fold a paper star is a simple, rewarding activity. Easy to get the ...

Mar 21, 2013 ... "Origami Stars Tutorial" This video will show you how to make ... If you are having trouble you can check out my easy way of making paper stars us. ... with the long tootsie roll wrappers if you fold it in half lengthwise twise, then ...


For every star that fell, Hoshi made a paper star and placed it in the jar. ... was still sad because many more fell from the sky and she wasn't able to fold them all.


**Warning: Making paper stars is addictive** I've always wanted to know how ... paper stripes that were made using step 2, which are the easiest stripes to fold.


Find out how to fold various types of origami stars. There are 4, 5, 8 pointed stars, lucky stars, modular stars and even pop-up star.


How to fold a 5 pointed origami star with step by step photos. ... says “I made a garland out of my stars and used K&Company scrapbook paper for the stars” .


Stars made from folded paper are so easy to create that within a half hour you can have enough on hand to adorn all of your presents, string into garlands, ...


Use this star as an alternate center to the USA Wreath. ... fold paper Marks where the folds will be are black dotted lines. Marks where crease marks are visible ...


Below is a diagram of the five steps to make the star. Begin with a square sheet of paper and in the first step, fold it in half. Continue through the other steps.