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Apr 12, 2016 ... How to find the area of an octagon with right triangle trigonometry.


Area of an Octagon is the amount of space occupied by the octagon. An octagon is a 8 sided polygon. A regular octagon has equal sides and internal angles.


Know about octagon shape and octagon formula along with area of octagon ... of the triangles and then we can multiply by 8 to find the total area of the polygon.


i need to find the area of an octagon with each side measuring 1 foot ... This equation allows you to find b and hence calculate the area of the octagon. Penny.


Subject: Area of an octagon. Name: Farhana Who are you: Other. I have a regular octagon with sides of 0.8m and I need to find the area, please help ...


How do you figure the area of an irregular octagon? ... If you can measure the sides of the six triangles then you can find their areas using Heron's formula.


Octagon calculator finds the area, perimeter, diagonals, circumradius and ... the octagon area, you can use the following formula to quickly find the perimeter:.


(The use of two different methods to find the area will help students understand ... a general formula for the area, using the smaller shapes inside the octagon!


The area of a regular octagon can be computed as follows: The volume of an octagon column ... If it is a regular octagon, we have a formula. If it is an irregular one, still by dividing it into triangles, we may find the area. For any regular polygon..