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An acrostic is a poem in which the first letter (or syllable, or word) of each line spells out a word, ... A famous acrostic was made in Greek for the acclamation JESUS CHRIST, SON OF GOD, SAVIOUR. The initials spell ΙΧΘΥΣ (ICHTHYS), which ...


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Acrostic poems written by famous poets. Browse through to read poems for acrostic. This page has the widest range of acrostic love and quotes.


An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spells out a word ... Acrostic Poems Using the First Letter ... Trustworthy, your word is good as gold.


Vertical: Since the whole purpose of acrostic poems is to make a word or short sentence out of the first letter of each line, a good starting point can be to write ...


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The following poems are examples of acrostic poems written in this format. ... Best Everlasting Super True Best friends. Unforgettable Do not exclude. Super.


Acrostic Poems are a form of poetry where the first or last letters of each line ... Acrostic Poems that Spell out Words ... V is for 'value' of being my best friend.


Endymion, recollect, when Luna tried To cure his love — was cured of all beside — His follie — pride — and passion — for he died. -- 'An Acrostic', by Edgar ...