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A blind stitch in sewing is a method of joining two pieces of fabric so that the stitch thread is invisible, or nearly invisible. There are several techniques for creating a blind stitch by hand sewing.

Nov 23, 2008 ... Sewing a blind stitch requires folding a hem in, sewing on the inside of the fold and catching very small pieces of each side with the needle for ...
Oct 17, 2014 ... How to Hand Sew an Invisible Stitch (Tutorial) .... I was able to make a fairly decent hidden closure on a sewing project.. Read more .... How to Hand Sew: Slip Stitch & Blind Hem | Craftsy Sewing Tutorial - Duration: 2:54.


A slip stitch is an easy way to sew a seam from the outside of a garment or item ( like pillows or stuffed animals). This stitch is usually used for hems when the...


Feb 1, 2013 ... If you ever have wanted to make a pillow but have been intimidated by the hand stitching involved, today's tutorial for how to hand stitch a blind ...


How to Blind Stitch. Here's a hand sewing technique that can help you with hemming, applique and mending. The purpose is to stitch one fabric or one fold of ...


Sep 10, 2014 ... Below are five different options for hand stitching your hems. ... use the same technique, but sew a catch stitch to create a blind catch stitch.


Mar 6, 2009 ... It always inevitably happens to one of my favorite skirts. The hem of the skirt comes apart in a small section which I continue to ignore until it ...


How to hem trousers/pants, skirts, dresses, and suits by hand using the blind hem stitch.