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determining the productivity of the crop, estimating yields for lease arrangements ... Hay yields in dry tons per acre can be calculated for a given field if you know:.


Sep 6, 2013 ... 100 bales x 50 acres = 5000 bales of hay for 50 acres of land. At a price of $4.50 ..... growing peanut hay . Same things/costs,per-acre yields.


In a hay field, on average, how many small squares, large squares or rounds do you get per acre? Also, if... ... The extension agent may be able to give you an answer as to what hay yields are for your area. Two Cents Worth ...


Feb 27, 2017 ... This gives us another five to six years of production.” ... In addition to fertilizer, Geralds' fields receive 2 tons per acre of lime every other year to ...


How many bales of grass hay per acre from the average pasture? - Coos County ... Production of 2 Tons/acre and the bales weigh 65 lb. 4,000 lb./65 lb. per bale ...


Our yields were: Timothy hay: 4.8 tons to the acre, Orchard/brome/timothy ... 60 - 70 60lbs bales (wire) of bermuda is what I avg per cutting.


MONTHLY CASH COST PER ACRE TO PRODUCE TIMOTHYGRASS HAY … ... The detailed costs for Timothygrass hay establishment and production in the ...


Jun 13, 2016 ... Buyer-harvester costs/acre for four cuttings of alfalfa hay ... quality hays that hay yields of 3 ton or less per acre may not be a profitable venture.


New hay farmers need to know exactly how many bales of hay per acre their ... a reliable estimate is because different areas in the U.S. will get different yield.