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Historians would be wise to look for bias in a source because bias can influence the way the writer relayed the information. Sources free from bias are to be the ...


How do historians try to address the bias of all sources? Cross-checking sources against other evidence. However, there's no 'patent recipe' for dealing with ...


Nov 7, 2012 ... All historians have biases (and so does everybody else). How it affects one's interpretation of the sources depends on what the bias is. ... They are human, and no one is immune the bias or prejudice, however hard we may try to eliminate it .... Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive ...


Weaken (it looks like Flaw, but all five answers are prefaced by "fails to consider ... Conclusion: Historians should try to interpret what eyewitnesses thought ... one ... choosing between two potentially flawed sources of interpretation, ... (E) points out, the solution does nothing to address the problem of bias.


Feb 2, 2014 ... When our students come to us with their problems, we try to hear all ... to try to discern a particular historian's or publishing house's bias. ... These two sources definitely are, which is why starting with their .... Email address:.


We often say that great figures make history, but in truth historians make history. .... "Who says" is the initial question we should put to all sources, whether secondary or ... with respect to a given claim, and addressing the specificity of the testimony, the .... However, even if we cannot or should not try to eradicate bias, we can ...


tion, and in historical explanation can all occur accidentally, by mistake, through an oversight. ... The only source of bias that historians cannot readily set aside is cul- tural bias, as I .... 6 The problem they address is that of cul- ture-wide bias. ..... tried to minimize the influence of the historian by letting past people tell their.


Aug 15, 2017 ... But historians say that monuments don't always tell the story we think. ... There have been, after all, no calls to tear down the Washington ...


Sep 5, 2014 ... I cannot speak for all historians. ... Yet, we are unable to eliminate bias completely. ... Each historian interprets historical facts, mostly primary sources, and constructs a narrative and ... History strives to be objective, and it should continue to try to do so. .... Post was not sent - check your email addresses!