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In Christian theology and ecclesiology, the apostles particularly the Twelve Apostles were the primary disciples of Jesus, the central figure in Christianity. During the life and ministry of Jesus in the 1st century AD, the apostles were his closest followers and became the primary teachers of the gospel message of Jesus.


Apr 28, 2010 ... Learn what happened to the 12 apostles after the death of Jesus and how many died for their faith in Christ. ... Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles? ... Simon the Zealot. so the story goes, ministered in Persia and was killed after refusing to sacrifice to the sun god.


The following biographical information about the 12 original disciples of Jesus uses the New Testament accounts along with the most respected legends and traditions. We do not mean to infer, that legend and tradition constitute historical fact. We do feel, however, that they do have value in the study of the lives of these  ...


The history of the apostles does start in the books of the Bible. The genealogies of the original 12 disciples of Jesus were most important to the scholars of the day. We have many other documents that were supposedly written about the same time as the Bible, but were not included in our modern day Bible. Some of these ...


Aug 7, 2017 ... The Apostle Thomas is often referred to as "Doubting Thomas" because he refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw and touched Christ's physical wounds. As far as disciples go, however, history has dealt Thomas a bum rap. After all, each of the 12 apostles, except John, ...


Feb 19, 2015 ... But what happened to the 12 disciples who were his closest followers? ... As the story goes, Peter asked to be crucified upside down, so that his death would not be the equal of Jesus and the Romans supposedly obliged. ... John: John was the only one of the original disciples not to die a violent death.


Mar 6, 2016 ... Historical evidence of the Apostles is scarce, and some of it contradicts core Christian beliefs.


Apr 29, 2013 ... Quickly See 6000 Years of Bible and World History Together bible timeline. Unique Circular Format – see more in ...... thanks, nice articles of the missionary challenges of the 12 apostle of Jesus christ and also their full names. really benefited from it once again thanks. Reply. prince udeme moses. May 13 ...


Nov 7, 2011 ... Eusebius of Caesarea's Church History talks a bit about this. He says St. Philip, at least, had 4 daughters and Sts. Peter and Paul had wives. Clement, indeed, whose words we have just quoted, after the above-mentioned facts gives a statement, on account of those who rejected marriage, of the apostles ...