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In New Jersey folklore, the Jersey Devil is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States. The creature is often ...


Jan 13, 2017 ... Without a doubt, New Jersey's oldest, most enduring, and important pieces of folklore is the tale of the infamous Jersey Devil. For close to three ...


4 days ago ... New Jersey's scariest demon has been reduced to a hockey mascot for the NJ Devils and reinterpreted for movies and TV shows like "The X-F.


The story of the Jersey Devil has become layered with myths and variations, obscuring the original events that gave rise to it. Not surprising considering the story ...


The New Jersey Pinelands is home to miles of pine trees and sandy roads, but it is also home to New Jersey's most infamous resident... The Jersey Devil.


Oct 31, 2016 ... "Let this one be the devil," she allegedly cursed. While there are many versions of the Jersey Devil's lore, the most popular is this: When Leeds' ...


Oct 12, 2015 ... A reader from Little Egg Harbor sent in a photo he snapped of what he thinks may be the legendary Jersey Devil. What do you think?


Jan 20, 2017 ... Inhabiting the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States, is a creature known as the Jersey Devil. This legendary being has been ...


The Jersey Devil, the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years.