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In some cases, the kickback takes the form of a "cut of the action," and can be so well-known as to be common knowledge—and even become part of a nation's culture. For example, in Indonesia, President Suharto was publicly known as "Mr. Twenty-Five Percent" because he required that all major contracts throughout the  ...


A kickback can take many forms, all of which are illegal. For example, a building contractor might give a portion of what he or she is paid to a government official who approved the building plans for the project. Or, a biomedical company might offer training, travel, or other benefits to doctors who recommend theev product to  ...


The definition of a kickback is slang for a bribe or incentive paid to someone who helped you make money, or a sudden, forceful recoil. When you bid on a job and job is awarded to you and you have to pay someone $1000 because your received the award, this $1000 payment is an example of a kickback. When you shoot ...


Kickback definition: A kickback is a sum of money that is paid to someone illegally, for example money which a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


For example, a payment to a US government official may trigger a fine of three times of value of the kickback and a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Bank kickbacks are prohibited under the Bank Bribery Amendments Act of 1985, which, in addition to the monetary fine, can also imprison offenders for up to 30 years.


West Africa, Nutrition Project. Local project and international donor officials in a US$25 million nutrition project approved multiple sole source training contracts to local consulting firms in exchange for kickbacks of 12½% of the contract values. The bribes were paid in cash in local currency to middlemen who distributed the  ...


CASE EXAMPLES OF BRIBES AND KICKBACKS. See actual case examples of bribes and kickbacks from investigated cases. BASIC STEPS TO DETECT AND PROVE BRIBES AND KICKBACKS (in exchange for contract awards). 1. Identify and interview all complainants and confidential sources to obtain further detail.


Jan 26, 2011 ... Here are ten big anti-kickback statute and Stark law cases involving hospitals that made headlines in 2010.


Kickback definition, a percentage of income given to a person in a position of power or influence as payment for having made the income possible: usually ... Examples from the Web for kickback ... Then Mubarak and his family and their allies would see benefits in return, presumably some kickback or a share of the profits.