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On the outside of the frog's head are two external nares, or nostrils; two tympani, or eardrums; ... Veins from different parts of the body enter the right and left atria.


In this lesson module you will learn about the different parts of a frog. You will also ... The trunk of a frog forms walls for a single body cavity known as the coelom.


This frog dissection page describes how to dissect a frog and lists organs for students ... system and urogenital system and contains several pictures for students to label. ... Use scissors to lift the abdominal muscles away from the body cavity.


Photos taken from a frog dissection with organs labeled. ... The following photos show all of the structures that are visible during a frog ... Frog Body Cavity.


Pictures of frogs showing main organs; use it to practice labeling the frog and ..... Full Human Body Chart Activity- Making your Life- Sized Body (organs)- Activity.


Labeled Diagram - Non-Fiction Text Structure. ... HabitatTeaching Science Second Grade Science. Frog science craft English & Spanish: body parts in Spanish ...


The inner systems, outer structures and basic physiology of the common frog, as well as the functions of each.


Frog Anatomy Test No. 2 ... A, B, C, D. 2. The structure "P" belongs to which system? ... A, B, C, D. 9. What is the function of the structure labeled "V"?