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Pulparindo is the trade name of a Mexican candy produced by de la Rosa. The candy is made from the pulp of the tamarind fruit, and is flavored with sugar, salt, and chili peppers, making it simultaneously tart, sweet, salty, and spicy. The " extra picante" variation is especially spicy. Lead content[edit].


Jan 15, 2006 ... Candies such as Chaca Chaca, Vera Mango, Super Lucas and Bolorindo can contain lead levels reaching 12 micrograms per piece, twice the ...


Jun 29, 2006 ... Lead accumulates in the body and even at low levels can affect a child's behavior ... They include Lucas-brand candy maker Effem de Mexico, ...


Possible Lead in Candy Raises Health Concerns ... Rollito de Tamarindo ( Dulmex),Strock Eucalyptus, Lucas Acidito, Pica Limon, Serpentinas and Tablarindo.


I - uir- iisuriiiisrlru. Lucas Limon. IN CANDY OTHER. In wrappers SOURCES. Candy wrappers are printed with ""4135" Paint inlrs that contain lead. The lead is  ...


Oct 15, 2013 ... The potential for children to be exposed to lead from candy imported from Mexico has prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ...


Jan 5, 2016 ... Approved by Dr. Sunil - Yes, Lucas candy is bad for you. ... most other candies), but it also contains high levels of sodium and possibly even lead.


This analysis of lead in Mexican candy and flavored salt products is predicated on the collection of a sample that is representative of the lot being tested.


Nov 16, 2004 ... Illinois is imposing a statewide embargo on four flavors of imported Mexican candy found to contain dangerous levels of lead. Lucas Limon ...