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Merchants. Egypt was one of the wealthiest countries in the ancient world. Egyptian merchants (actually, they were more like traders) carried products such as ...


Ancient Egypt for Kids - Craftsmen & Artists Illustration ... If that was the case, you probably would become a merchant, selling the goods that others made.


Egyptians traders met traders from other civilizations just beyond the mouth of the Nile, to trade for ... The ancient Egyptians bought goods from merchants.


Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian food, jobs, and daily Life. The history of this world civilization.


Priests were a part of ancient Egypt's daily life and they oversaw the running of the ... The middle class consisted of craftsmen, merchants and other skilled ...


Below the Pharaoh were the nobility, priests, scribes and merchants. Then came soldiers and craftsmen then peasants and finally slaves. A slaves life was very ...


Since wood suitable for building was scarce in ancient Egypt, it was imported from ... Egyptian merchants developed an extensive trade network for procuring ...


Various aspects of culture and society in Ancient Egypt. ... The rhythm of Egyptian life was the rhythm of the Nile until a few years ago, when the Aswan ... the exchange of gifts, abstract equivalence values, credit, market places, the merchants.


Ancient Egypt was a successful culture for over 3,000 years. ... Storekeepers and merchants were also included in this class. ... The social structure of ancient Egypt may not have sounded fair when we think of our lives today, but during those ...