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Apr 7, 2017 ... If you're a chemistry student, you'll want to know the names and formulas of some of the common acids and bases.


Aug 2, 2017 ... This is a list of common strong and weak acids, with names, structures, and ways to tell ... Most acids are corrosive and transparent when they are pure. .... Chemistry Students Should Know These Acid and Base Formulas.


A, B. Hydrochloric Acid, HCl. Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH. Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4. Nitric Acid, HNO3. Potassium Hydroxide, KOH. Carbonic Acid, H2CO3. Calcium ...


Complete List of Inorganic and Organic Acids. ... Hyposulfurous Acid. Hyposulfite. H2SO5. Persulfuric Acid. Persulfate. H2S2O7. Pyrosulfuric Acid. Pyrosulfate.


Table of Acid and Base Strength. Ka. Acid. Base. Name. Formula. Formula. Name . Large. Perchloric acid. HClO4. ClO4 -. Perchlorate ion. 3.2 * 109. Hydroiodic ...


Complete List of Bases, Hydroxides, E.g. NaOH, Ca(OH)2 ... ... Complete List of Acids. » Complete List of Bases. » Molar to Mass Concentration Converter.


Make research projects and school reports about acids and bases easy with credible ... The tables below list a few well-known acids and bases, along with their ...


HCl. hydrochloric acid. HNO3. nitric acid. H2SO4. sulfuric acid. HBr. hydrobromic acid. HI. hydroiodic acid. HClO3. chloric acid. HClO4. perchloric acid ...


Feb 8, 2017 ... Some common weak acids and bases are given here. Furthermore, weak acids and bases are very common, and we encounter them often ...