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In linguistic typology, a verb–subject–object (VSO) language is one in which the most typical sentences arrange their elements in that order, as in Ate Sam ...


In linguistics, word order typology is the study of the order of the syntactic constituents of a .... VSO languages include Classical Arabic, the Insular Celtic languages, and Hawaiian. "Ate she bread" is ..... no particular emphasis, but can be used to list different actions from different subjects.] "Një dhuratëmua Marku më dha.


In linguistic typology, object–verb–subject (OVS) or object–verb–agent (OVA) is a rare ... This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its ... VSO, "Loves she him. ... OVS is a class of languages used in the classification of languages according to the dominant sequence of these constituents.


Aug 4, 2008 ... Language ↓, Root Family ↓, Standard? ↓, Alternates ↓. Arabic · Afro-Asiatic, Yes, SOV (informal). Breton · Indo-European, Yes. Cebuano ...


the usual word order of S (Subject), V (Verb), and O (Object), whether SOV, SVO, VSO or whatever. Some languages with a freer word order are hard to assign a ...


In most sentences, a speaker of an VSO language will put the verb first, the subject ... Here is a partial list of Native American languages using VSO word order: ...


Isolating languages (aka analytic) -- ones that use invariable words, but have strict rules of word order ... Next, we have the VSO (verb-subject-object) languages.


dominant VSO word order (Verb-Subject-Object) and the alternative SVO ... argue that, like in many other VSO languages, verb-initial order is the result of V-.


Verb-subject-object (VSO), 95 .... the A, and then the P. Hence, by the use of subject and object assumed for this map, Cebuano is treated as a VSO language.