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Facts on the Lithosphere & Asthenosphere
If you could slice Earth in half like an orange, you would find the interior of the planet is not uniform in its composition or consistency. If you divide it into layers on the basis of mechanical properties and consistency, the two outermost layers are... More »
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The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary (LAB) represents a mechanical difference between ... boundary (referred to as the LAB by geophysicists) lies between Earth's cooler, rigid lithosphere and the warmer, ductile asthenosphere.


A lithosphere is the rigid, outermost shell of a terrestrial-type planet, or natural satellite, that is ... The Lithosphere-Asthenosphere boundary is defined by a difference in response to stress: the lithosphere remains rigid for very long periods of ...


Crust and Mantle vs. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Why do we use two names to describe the same layer of the Earth? Well, this confusion results from the ...


Jan 21, 2013 ... The difference between asthenosphere and lithosphere is how the materials in these layers can flow. Rocks in the lithosphere are "rigid", ...


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May 21, 2008 ... Crust, the upper layer of the Earth, is not always the same. Crust under the oceans is only about 5 km thick while continental crust can be up to ...


The lithosphere is the upper most layer of Earth. It is comprised of all of the Earth's crust and the very upper portion of the mantle. That last upper bit of the mantle ...


Feb 24, 2012 ... Properties of the lithosphere and asthenosphere. ... is made of the brittle crust and uppermost mantle and lies on the plastic asthenosphere.

Oct 30, 2013 ... http://www.world-earthquakes.com.