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Romanticism was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in .... The more precise characterization and specific definition of Romanticism has been the subject of debate in the fields of intellectual history and literary ...


Define romanticism: a literary, artistic, and philosophical movement originating in the 18th century, characterized… — romanticism in a sentence.


Romanticism definition, romantic spirit or tendency. See more.


Ralph's lavish demonstration of romanticism was a little awkward for Makayla because she wasn't very interested in him. Licensed from GettyImages. adjective.


romanticism definition, meaning, what is romanticism: describing things in a way that makes them sound more exciting or mysterious than they…. Learn more.


Define romanticism. romanticism synonyms, romanticism pronunciation, romanticism translation, English dictionary definition of romanticism. n. 1. often ...


Romanticism (literature) synonyms, Romanticism (literature) pronunciation, Romanticism (literature) translation, English dictionary definition of Romanticism  ...


Definition of romanticism - a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the pri.


Romanticism: a movement of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that ... Victor Hugo's phrase "liberalism in literature," meaning especially the freeing of the ...