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Nitrogen is a chemical element with symbol N and atomic number 7. It was first discovered and isolated by Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772.


Nitrogen is an element with the atomic symbol N, atomic number 7, and atomic weight [14.00643; 14.00728]. Nitrogen exists as a diatomic gas and makes up ...


Properties, uses and applications of nitrogen gas and nitrogen liquid. UIG is a supplier of nitrogen and other industrial gases, new and used industrial gas plants ...


Discover the wide range of liquid nitrogen (N 2 ) and nitrogen gas purities and concentrations available for purchase.


Element Nitrogen (N), Group 15, Atomic Number 7, p-block, Mass 14.007. Sources, facts, uses ... State at 20°C, Gas, Key isotopes, 14N. Electron configuration ...


Sep 27, 2017 ... Properties, sources and uses of nitrogen, one of the most abundant gases in Earth's atmosphere.


nitrogen (N): Nitrogen, gas that is the most plentiful element in Earth's atmosphere.

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May 22, 2014 ... This new proposed method, known as nitrogen asphyxiation, seals the condemned in an airtight chamber pumped full of nitrogen gas, causing ...