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Under the 1977 Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the Chairman ... The post of General Secretary lacked clear guidelines of succession, so after the death or removal of a Soviet ... of the Soviet Union would assume the office, though the Soviet Union collapsed before this was actually tested.


There was a succession of Soviet secret police agencies over time. The first secret police after the October Revolution, created by Vladimir Lenin's decree on  ...


Succession, President of the Russian Federation. The Constitution of the Soviet Union recognised the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet and the ... Before that time, the 1918 Constitution of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was ...


A timeline showing the leaders of the Soviet Union from 1917 until 1991, drawn with the RFFlow software.


The struggle to succeed Lenin which commenced even before his death in January ... and had immense consequences to its — and the Soviet Union's — future.


months before Lenin's stroke. *This article is ... pre-eminence while Lenin still lived facilitated the effort to keep the ... The Soviet Succession: Lenin and Stalin.


Before we turn to the question of leadership change and policy innovation .... which takes place in the Soviet Union in the immediate post-succession period is  ...


Andropov started positioning himself for succession as leader of the Soviet Union ... He spent years in local politics before he rose to prominence as Chairman of ...


Trotsky seemed to hold the most powerful position, thanks to his close friendship with Lenin before the Soviet leader's strokes, but an opposition had already ...