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Note: Finding the perimeter of a rectangle is as easy as adding up all its side lengths! This tutorial takes you through the steps needed to find the perimeter of a  ...


To find the perimeter of a rectangle, add the lengths of the rectangle's four sides. If you have only the width and the height, then you can easily find all four sides ...


The perimeter is the length of the outline of a shape. To find the perimeter of a rectangle or square you have to add the lengths of all the four sides. x is in this ...


Formula and description of the perimeter of a rectangle.


Aug 21, 2015 ... In this lesson, you'll review the properties of a rectangle. Then you'll learn how to find the perimeter of a rectangle. Afterward, you can test...

Sep 6, 2010 ... How To Find the Perimeter of a Rectangle .mov .... The perimeter of a painting is 372 inches, If the width of the painting is 88 inches , what is the ...


Check out this lesson. You will discover that finding the perimeter of a rectangle is simple and straightforward.


An interactive math lesson about calculating the perimeter of a rectangle.