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In economics, the profit motive is the motivation of firms that operate so as to maximize their profits. Mainstream microeconomic theory posits that the ultimate  ...


The intent to achieve monetary gain in a transaction or material endeavor. Profit motive can also be construed as the underlying reason why a taxpayer or ...


Profit motive definition, the desire for profit that motivates one to engage in business ventures. See more.


Profit motive definition: the incentive or desire to work or form a business in order to gain profit or make... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Definition of profit motive: Chance of generating a surplus of revenue over all costs the reason most people start and stay in a business.


Profit Motive is the incentive for businesses to strive to maximize profits. Interested in Economic Study? Click to Sign Up for Higher Rock Education's Free Trial!


Profit motive is sometimes also called "profit motivation." It refers to the economic statement that organizations need incentives to be persuaded to relinquish ...


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Mar 23, 2017 ... This column examines two U.S. Tax Court cases addressing profit motive.