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Alliteration is used in the alliterative verse of Old English, Old Norse, Old High German, Old Saxon, and Old Irish. It was an important ingredient of the Sanskrit shlokas. Alliteration was used in Old English given names. This is evidenced by the unbroken series of 9th century kings of Wessex ...


Alliteration is a figure of speech in which the same sound appears at the beginning of two or more words. Alliterative words are ... Alliterative sounds create rhythm and mood and can have particular connotations. ... do I do it? Use repeated sounds at the beginning of words to focus attention or convey an idea or emotion.


Alliteration is a rhetorical device that repeats the same sound, usually a consonant, at the start of a series of words or sentences. Though it is frequently used in poetry, it can also be used in ...


Not only do alliterative words portray sounds and engage a person's auditory senses, but they can also be used to emphasize groups or words and to provide moods and connotations to provide greater insight into an author's words. Alliteration is use frequently in prose in order to emphasize a phrase or group of words.


Alliteration, the repetition of letters in words near each other, draws attention to a particular line of text, such as with the repetition of the.


Every sound has onomatopoeic connotations associated with it: 'k' is a harsh, sharp sound compared to 's', which is soft & gentle (though also potentially hissing in context) by comparison. Alliteration can be used to emphasise certain phonetics in a sentence, creating the appropriate atmosphere or tone.


Aug 30, 2009 ... Alliteration - how to understand its function in English language and literature, plus web links to further English language studies.


Combining alliteration as a triple can be very effective. The effect of alliteration can be almost poetic, making it pleasant and comfortable on the ears. Note that some letters have softer sounds (eg. H) and some have more percussive sounds (eg. B). These will have correspondingly softer and harder effects. Alliteration is also ...


The effect of an alliteration is to add artistic style to a poem or other literary form. An alliteration creates a musical quality when reading or reciting text and makes poetry and prose more...