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A lever is a simple machine consisting of a beam or rigid rod pivoted at a fixed hinge, or fulcrum .... This allows the identification of three classes of levers by the relative locations of the fulcrum, the resistance and the effort: Class 1: ... is in the middle for the 2nd class lever, and the e ffort is in the middle for the 3rd class lever.


Aug 17, 2017 ... All levers fall into one of three types of lever. How can we tell which lever is in which class? Well, a first-class lever is a stick where the fulcrum is ...


Levers - a type of simple machine. ... Levers were first described about 260 BC by the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes (287-212 BC). A lever is a ...


Resource Information for Teaching Simple Machines: Background ... First-class levers have the fulcrum located between the load and the effort (LFE). If the two ...


An example of how an Inclined Plane can be used to raise a mass to activate another simple machine. Inclined Plane. First Class Lever. Force pushing (or ...


Jul 26, 2016 ... Explanation about the Three Lever Classes. ... Books. Top-rated books on Simple Machines ... www.school-for-champions.com/machines/

Aug 20, 2012 ... This video describes the Second Class Lever. Animations were done in 3Ds max, editing done in Premiere.
Jun 15, 2015 ... Class 5: Science: Simple Machine: second class lever.


In the first class lever, the fulcrum is located between the effort and the resistance. ... apply to all three classes of levers, and to all simple machines in general.