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Jan 17, 2017 ... 8 Reasons Your Period Is Lighter Than Usual ... you your monthly visit from Auntie Flow, or by making those visits a lot shorter or lighter.


Feb 17, 2010 ... A short period cycle usually doesn't concern doctors as long as it follows a pattern. Learn what defines a normal menstrual cycle and an ...


Oct 19, 2016 ... This week's topic: why your period might be lighter than normal. ... period might be scanty is polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS for short.


Sure, if you are having sex you could be pregnant. How short was it?Was it lighter than usual? It could be what's called implantation bleeding.


A short menstrual cycle is one which is less than 21 days. ... A three day period is although short but it is normal as far as you menstruate regularly for 3 days.


Most women become concerned when they get shorter periods than normal. Having short period may be caused by different reasons. To know more then read ...


Apr 7, 2014 ... Any woman who has begun her periods, has not experienced menopause, ... A missed, lighter, or shorter-than-usual menstrual period; Breast ...


Oct 1, 2014 ... Any woman less than 35 years of age with normal cycles who has not ... I am 27 years old…most of the time, my menstrual cycle is very short, ...


Aug 14, 2016 ... However, if your period seems a lot shorter than usual, it's understandable to be a bit concerned. But don't panic! Let's run through what it could ...