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Aztec culture also known as Mexica culture, was a Mesoamerican culture that flourished in ..... The main unit of Aztec political organization was the city state, in Nahuatl called the altepetl, meaning "water-mountain". Each altepetl was lead by a ...


The Aztec Empire, or the Triple Alliance began as an alliance of three Nahua " altepetl" city-states: Mexico-Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, ...


Let's take a look at how the ancient Aztec government was structured - who had the power in the Aztec government, and how was that power used?


Kids learn about the Government of the Aztec Empire including the emperor, officials, laws, and interesting facts.


The Aztec government was unlike other systems of government during the time. In fact, it was more of a system of tribute in which conquered cities paid respect ...


Aug 29, 2017 ... Aztec Political Structure. Image of the Palace of Montecuhzoma. The Aztec empire was made up of a series of city-states known as altepetl.


From their magnificent capital city, Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs emerged as the dominant force in central Mexico, developing an intricate social, political, religious ...


The tlacochcalcatl, a General on the Council of Four who led the Aztec Army to. The Aztec Empire had a hierarchical government with power and responsibility ... Overview of the Aztec Empire Part of the first page of Codex Mendoza, depicting  ...


Aztec Government History, Facts & Images. ... The Aztec government itself derived power from the religious institution in .... Aztec GovernmentSummary.