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If you simply thaw your turkey on the kitchen counter, the outside of the bird can hit that danger zone pretty quickly, while the inside remains frozen solid. Instead  ...


Learn how to safely thaw a frozen turkey with help from ButterballĀ®.


Are you roasting the Thanksgiving turkey this year? The first step to consider is that your turkey will need to be thawed if you've purchased a frozen one. And this  ...


3 days ago ... Thanksgiving morning and your bird is frozen-solid? Don't panic. Here are two easy ways to defrost your turkey safely and quickly.


Aug 29, 2017 ... USDA food safety information on how to thaw a turkey fast using the rapid-thaw method, or over time in the fridge with timetables.


Oct 31, 2017 ... Make your Thanksgiving meal come together faster and easier than ever by adding this one easy turkey thawing tip to your repertoire.


Nov 22, 2010 ... The submersion method will thaw your turkey at a rate of about 30 minutes per pound. (It'll go more quickly if you regularly change the water, ...


1 day ago ... A quick guide to what to do if your turkey is still frozen and you need to thaw it quickly.


Nov 20, 2012 ... It will obviously take longer to cook, about 50 percent longer than if the turkey had been unfrozen, but it's much safer than trying to quickly thaw ...