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The marble rolled from her thumb and clicked against the targeted marble. But the .... “The Marble Champ” from BASEBALL IN APRIL AND OTHER STORIES,.

Jan 11, 2015 ... Step #1- Read “The Marble Champ” along with the YouTube recording. ... is kind of what Lupe did and she is the main character of the story.


The Marble Champ/Gary Soto/Created by Santa Ana District. Unit 1/Week 2 ... Describe how the illustration on page 37 helps tell the story. The illustration ...


Baseball in April and Other Stories by Gary Soto - The Marble Champ summary and analysis.


A, B. Story Setting, Mordern-day neighborhood probably in Fresno, California. Traits of Main Character, Lupe-determined, hard-working, kind. Other Characters  ...


understanding of the literary elements that are at the heart of all stories. ... The Marble Champ ... from her thumb made the marble move only an inch or two.


The Marble Champ Quiz by Gary Soto "The Marble Champ" by Gary Soto is a must read for all up-and-coming young readers. In the story Lupe, a girl unable to  ...


The Marble Champ. Predict what the story might be about; Questions that come to mind. Images that pop into my mind. (Visualize); Summarize story in own ...


What is the genre of the story? The genre is realistic fiction it is also a short story. 2. How do you know that Lupe is talented? She wins trophies for her ...