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At highway speeds, it is best to signal at least five seconds before changing lanes . ... Approach the turn in the right lane, turn into the right lane, and remain in that lane ... Directions for Uncontrolled (No Signs or Signals) and Blind Intersections .... Keep up with traffic as much as possible without exceeding the speed limit.


Adequate traffic gaps at uncontrolled intersections are secured primarily by .... One reason for posting specific speed limits for exit ramps is the frequent use of ...


Residential areas often have unmarked or uncontrolled intersections. ... If the speed limit is 50 mph or higher, signal at least 300 feet in advance. ... there is limited visibility, you must use extra caution when approaching a blind intersection.


While driving on one-way streets, be sure to observe posted speed limit signs ... Always slow down when approaching an uncontrolled intersection so you can .... and through an unmarked blind intersection at a reasonably safe speed without ...


If an uncontrolled railroad crossing is ahead and you can't see clearly if any trains are coming, the ... To see if a vehicle is in your blind spot. 8. You are approaching an intersection at the posted speed limit when the signal light turns yellow.


Speed Limits. A speed limit is the maximum legal speed you can travel on ... When approaching a stop sign and the car in front of you proceeds .... an unmarked intersection. Remember ... Expect vehicles to be in blind spots you cannot see in.


Slow to the posted speed limit for the freeway. ... Speed up and get through the intersection. ... Two vehicles are approaching an uncontrolled "T" intersection. ..... A pedestrian who is blind or visually impaired uses traffic sounds before deciding  ...


that there is no vehicle in your blind spot and that there is sufficient room to move into the ... When you are driving on or approaching a curve in the road. • When you are ... Within 100 feet of an intersection, railroad crossing, bridge, viaduct, or tunnel .... Indiana law requires drivers to operate vehicles at the posted speed limit.


See page 44 for right-of-way rules at an intersection. Rules of the. Road. 39 ... unmarked crosswalks formed .... check your blind spots before changing lanes or turning. 2 Rules ... speed limit is 50km/h, or 50km/h where the approaching speed ...