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From Kansas, the Ingalls family returned to Wisconsin, where they lived for the next three years. Those experiences formed the basis for the novels Little House in the Big Woods (1932) and Little House on the Prairie (1935). The fictional chronology of Wilder's books in this regard does not match fact: Wilder was two to four ...


1860. Feb. 1. Charles Ingalls and Caroline Quiner (Pa and Ma) married at Concord, Wisconsin. 1865. Jan. 10. Mary Amelia Ingalls born, Pepin, Wisconsin. 1867. Feb. 7. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls born, Pepin, Wisconsin. 1869. Ma and Pa Ingalls and girls move to Indian Territory, Kansas. 1870. Aug. 3. Caroline Celestia Ingalls ...


1857, February 13. Almanzo James Wilder is born to James and Angeline Day Wilder on a farm near Malone, New York. 1867, February 7. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls is born to Charles Philip and Caroline Quiner Ingalls in a log cabin near Pepin, Wisconsin. 1869. The Ingalls family leaves Wisconsin and moves to Kansas.


Laura Ingalls Wilder ... Born February 7, 1867 Laura Elizabeth Ingalls began her life in the Big Woods of Pepin County, Wisconsin. ... This journey continued for the next ten years as the Ingallses moved often, faced hard luck, hard work, and shared many adventures which Laura recounted in her "Little House" books.


Dec 28, 2014 ... Ever wonder about the chronology of events in Laura's life and the historical context surrounding her experiences?


Laura Ingalls Wilder (born February 7, 1867) recorded her pioneer childhood in a series of novels, today referred to as the Little House books. These were adapted into a television series, Little House on the Prairie.


Jul 20, 2017 ... Learn about Laura Wilder, author of the 'Little House' kids' book series and inspiration for the television show 'Little House on the Prairie,' on Biography.com.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Historical Timeline Charles Ingalls birth.


Mary Amelia is born to Caroline and Charles Ingalls on her father's birthday, January 10, in Pepin, Wisconsin. Her birthplace is The Little House in the Big Woods. 1867. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls is born on February 7 in Pepin, Wisconsin. ... Laura and Almanzo Wilder leave South Dakota, first for Florida and then for Missouri.