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As a new lecturer, the first five minutes of your lecture provides a golden opportunity to get your students to sit up and pay attention. Start with the obvious – introduce yourself, explain your objectives for the lecture and outline learning outcomes. If you begin with passion and enthusiasm then your students are more likely to ...


Outline clear objectives for your lecture—both what students should know after the lecture and why it is important. Develop a lecture outline and any ... For further information about effective lecturing, including preparation, basic presentation skills, variety of presentation, and tips from other faculty, see: Lecturing Guidelines.


Lecturing Overview. The best lectures, like any good talk, invite students to think imaginatively and conceptually about a significant theme or problem. They do more than .... For further information about effective lecturing, including preparation, basic presentation skills, variety of presentation, and tips from other faculty, see:.


Knowing how to lecture well is therefore a crucial skill to master. Effective lecturing is characterized by enthusiasm and expressiveness, clarity, and interaction (Murray in Perry & Smart, 1997). Consider using the tips below to introduce students to — and stimulate their enthusiasm about — your course material.


Oct 5, 2016 ... Claire Grant on her tried and tested lecturing technique.


Feb 14, 2017 ... Respondents to the 2017 THE Teaching Survey give their words of lecturing wisdom.


Plan your overall framework carefully. Use the 'Rule of Threes': – tell the audience what you are going to tell them – then tell them it - then ask something about it that shows you that they understand. Avoid making rash assumptions about knowledge retained from previous teaching. Don't try to cover too much material in ...


Mar 21, 2014 ... It's key that you prepare your course outline and learning outcomes early, develop an assessment strategy, and develop a plan in broad brushstrokes, but be cautious about getting all your lecture material ready too much in advance of the course starting. From experience, when I prepare early I just end up ...


The following tips are meant to help you strengthen your effectiveness as you make the transition into this new phase of your teaching career: .... While a lecture course will provide fewer opportunities for interaction than a discussion course, you will find that students will be able to learn and retain more material if you pause ...