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Apr 2, 2013 ... 1st video of doudou.
Aug 25, 2016 ... He is a beautiful Dutch Blue Peach-faced Lovebird. ... Clipping the wings makes training them a lot more difficult since flight is a main defense ...


About Lovebird. Lovebirds are the second smallest species of parrot. Their weight range is 42 to 60 grams. Females tend to be slighter larger than the males .


Parrots are one of the cleverest animals to keep. Learn how to train your parrot so it respects you and acts respectable in social situations with these tips.


Lovebirds are fast moving. This means training a lovebird requires good observational skills and the ability to respond quickly to reinforce desired behavior.



Apr 7, 2017 ... Two Parts:Preparing for TrainingTraining Your BirdCommunity Q&A. Teaching a bird to .... How do I train two nervous lovebirds? Pippa Elliott ...


If your pet lovebird already knows you and is calm in your presence, you can start the training. Firstly, for ...


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