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... around the world. Watch this webinar for new information about USPS requirements for shipping cremated remains: ... International Shipping Regulations.


International Shipping Regulations. While there are ... Some countries require documents accompanying human remains or cremated remains to be translated.


With care and compassion, American Airlines Cargo can coordinate with funeral ... Learn / Specialty Shipments / Human Remains ... International Guidelines.


The U.S. Transportation Security Administration requires that funeral homes that wish to transport human remains via air be approved as “Known Shippers.


Can an urn be carried on both international and domestic flights? ... foreign country has different rules and regulations regarding the shipping of human remains.


Jul 20, 2016 ... When it comes to needing to transport human remains internationally or nationally, we can be overwhelmed with the 'red tape'. Grieving family ...


Human Remains. ... Ready to book? For international origin shipments, contact your local Delta Cargo Sales office to learn more about all of our services.


International Transport of Human Remains. In order to alleviate the concerns about the risk of infection posed by dead bodies resulting from a disaster, we ...


Use of the term CREMATED REMAINS here refers to both human and pet cremated ... in transporting cremated human remains that require advance planning and ... Priority Express Mail International; Optional Cremated Remains sticker ...