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How to Identify Houseplants
Houseplants come in many different varieties, as any plant that does not require a lot of direct sunlight can thrive indoors. Houseplants are typically potted container plants that adorn tabletops, shelves, kitchen window sills and hanging baskets.... More »
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Popular House Plants. Click on any picture in our Popular House Plant Section and learn how to identify, grow, and care for indoor houseplants. Search our extensive houseplant guide and find plant care advice for your specific indoor houseplants. Can't identify your mystery houseplant? Visit our Ask Judy page. Send Judy ...


Have a houseplant that needs to be identified? Want to know how to care for your houseplant correctly? Ask Judy, the houseplant care expert, today at Houseplant411.com!


A Balfour Aralia is an evergreen plant native to Africa, Asia, Australia, parts of North and Central America, and South America. The distinct leaves of a Balfour Aralia look like leathery, round, dinner plates about 1"- 2" in diam... Read More · Green, feathery Areca Palm. Areca Palm. Dypsis lutescens. Butterfly Palms. The Areca ...


House Plant Identification: Send details about your house plant so we can help identify it for you. Send pictures and information. ... name unless requested, to protect their privacy. Please notify us if you would not like your pictures displayed on this website or you are welcome to try another source to identify your plant.


Learn to Identify house plants so you can give them the care they need. Plant care tips ... Find this Pin and more on How to Identify a HousePlant by houseplant411. Hindu Rope Plants, great .... To help a Lipstick Plant get flowers and bloom longer, try giving your Lipstick Plant more light, less water, and keep it root-bound.


Includes: take a closer look at house plants, and get to know your house plants.


Many of us have picked up a houseplant at the store that was not labeled or have been given one as a gift. However, knowing what type of plant you have will help you ensure that you are giving it the best care. This is a guide about identifying a houseplant. ... I'm trying to identify the type so that I know how to care for it.


This identification guide does not cover all the diversity of house plants but only includes most common ones. However it would be useful enough for beginners as a startup to get around poorly known plants. Supplemental information from the encyclopedia makes it more comprehensive. The guide is based on a ...


The following photos will allow you to identify indoor plants. Click on image to view plant details.