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A metalloid is any chemical element which has properties in between those of metals and ... Metalloids are usually too brittle to have any structural uses.


Metalloids are mostly used as semiconductors in many electronic goods. To get more information on the uses of metalloids keep reading the article.


semi-metals (metalloids) click to hear : semi-metals (metalloids) ... especially in very low doses for therapeutic uses and in the manufacture of semiconductors.


Mar 3, 2016 ... It is also added to glass for use in glass fibers for telecommunications. Neither polonium nor astatine are used in everyday life due to high ...


Jun 14, 2011 ... What are metalloids? Metalloids are the elements which posses the qualities of metals for all told owing to non metals, and so they are further ...


All of the commonly recognized metalloids may function as semiconductors, and several of the metalloids can be utilized in forming glass or in preventing the ...


12/16/2014Uses of Metalloids Uses of Metalloids Metalloids are mostly used as semiconductors in many electronic goods. To get more ...


Nov 20, 2016 ... Metalloids, or semi-metals, are a group of elements that possess both properties of ... Silicon Metal | Properties, History, Production & Uses.


Often silicon is combined with oxygen in long chains that use the oxygen atoms as separators. Because oxygen has a valence of two, meaning that it can bond ...