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Reclaimed or recycled water is the process of converting wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes. Reuse may include irrigation of gardens ...


Sep 28, 2017 ... Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet ...


Oct 24, 2016 ... All water is recycled water. Chances are, most, if not all of the molecules of water that you drink have passed through the bodies of other ...


Nov 17, 2015 ... Half the world is facing water shortages, so is it time for us all to start drinking recycled sewage?


Apr 4, 2011 ... So the growing use of recycled wastewater for irrigation, landscaping, industry and toilet flushing, is a good way to conserve our fresh water ...


Dec 16, 2013 ... Water recycling, also known as reuse or reclamation, is not new; ... or considering "potable reuse" — recycling wastewater into drinking water.


A summary of SAWS' water recycling process, which utilizes very basic physical, ... Use of mechanical or physical systems to treat wastewater is generally ...


Dec 15, 2016 ... Water-starved cities around the world are starting to turn to a ... of southern Africa, they've been recycling wastewater for almost 50 years.


Read the latest water recycling articles, products & technology. ... reuse efforts in Africa. Nov 2, 2017. Invention generates power, cleans wastewater for reuse.