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WebMD discusses the best time and technique for weaning a litter of puppies.


In most kennels, puppies get the first taste of food other than Mom's milk at about 3½ weeks of age. This may seem early to you, but after working with numerous breeders and seeing many litters raised in our own homes, we can guarantee that the puppies of any breed can take food on their own at this age. To make a ...


There is quite a range of differing opinions on precisely how old any given puppy should be before they are removed from their dam and littermates to go out into the world on their own with their new owners. While all new puppy buyers of course want to get their pup home as soon as possible and enjoy the very adorable ...


If you're watching over a litter of newborn puppies whose mother's caring for them , you can simply observe the loving parental care in action, up to a point. If the puppies have been ...


The early weeks, when should puppies start to take interest in their surroundings, feeding and diet for the mother, lactation, weaning puppies, puppy diet.


If your puppy is four weeks old or older, you probably don't have to worry too much about weaning. For the rest of you, follow this basic guideline for weaning puppies from their mothers.


Sep 29, 2011 ... A puppy's development may be affected if he is taken too soon from his litter, and this is a potential reason behind behavior problems in adult dogs.


In the wild, weaning begins naturally as soon as the puppies start to develop their teeth at three to four weeks of age. Suckling then irritates or hurts the mother who will move away and leave her puppies for longer and longer periods. Natural weaning involves the female dog regurgitating her food and the puppies ...


Jan 15, 2015 ... Releasing a puppy too early has no benefits for the puppy and can cause a host of sometimes irreversible emotional and behaviour problems in dogs. ... Additionally, if the mother of the puppies is no longer on site to interact with the puppies after the puppies are weaned, walk away. The reason for this will ...