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Its main functions are photosynthesis and gas exchange. .... Two structures, one on each opposite side of the stem, typically leaves, branches, or flower parts.


Most leaves have two main parts: (1) the blade and (2) the petiole, or leafstalk. The leaves of some kinds of plants also have a third part, called the stipules.

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... made up of complex parts! In this lesson, we'll talk about all the main parts of a leaf. ... Thirdly, the green, flat part of the leaf is called the blade. This is where ...


THE LEAF: FUNCTIONS. What is a leaf? A leaf is a vegetative part of the plant. It generally has a flat form and a thin surface. The leaf is one of the most important  ...


Oct 26, 2017 ... Botanically, leaves are an integral part of the stem system, and they are initiated ... The main function of a leaf is to produce food for the plant by ...


compound leaf - a leaf that is divided into many separate parts (leaflets) along a midrib (the rachis). ... stem - (also called the axis) the main support of the plant.


Apr 23, 2015 ... The main flat area is called the blade or lamina. ... is awesome variety in leaf structure and some may have all or few of the following parts.


The leaf. Leaves contain many cells with chloroplasts. Leaves are often broad ... Contains chlorophyll and other pigments, To absorb light from different parts of ...