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As a result, consumers need to seek out car dealers to buy cars and get them serviced. The cost of opening and operating a dealership, however, can require ...


If you've always dreamed of owning your own business and you have a passion for automobiles, then starting your own car dealership might just be a match ...


Apr 16, 2013 ... It's a tremendous leap for a new business, and to do it right, you need a lot more than a love for cars. Start small and educate yourself.


1 How Much Does it Cost to Open a Car Dealership? ... Active U.S. auto dealers have invested an average of $11.3 million into their businesses, or $200 ... Working capital, most of the time, should be equal to two months worth of inventory.


Opening a used car dealership can be a wise business choice since vehicles are a primary mode of transportation for many people, and some individuals don't ...


If you want to start your own car business, learn what you need to do to get your dealership up and running.


Feb 15, 2016 ... A complete guide that will assist you in the venture of opening and running your own new or used car dealership.


Dec 12, 2014 ... Is one of your clients thinking about starting an auto dealership? Do you have clients already in that niche? If so, it's important they know all of ...


Some of the factors and incentives that encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into opening a used car dealership shop is the fact that the required ...