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A hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to "catch the ear of the listener". The term generally applies to popular music, especially rock, R&B, hip hop, ...


Oct 15, 2010 ... "i have heard the term 'hook' so often in reference to music...i have discussed this with friends and no one i know can agree on just what a hook ...


Nov 29, 2016 ... "You can't catch a fish when your fishing rod is missing a hook." The same principle applies when crafting a song. In music, the word "hook" ...


Nov 12, 2015 ... From the Beatles to Madonna, here are the 25 greatest pop hooks of ... 2017 American Music Awards Photos: Backstage, Performances & More ...

Mar 22, 2007 ... http://www.djtutor.com/mixing1 http://www.djtutor.com/structure So you listen to music. What parts do you remember??


Hook: Short catchy musical phrase. ... It's quite a catch-all term, and can really mean any one-off bit of the song that isn't right ... That's the hook.


First, let me say that there is really no good information on the subject, and the art of writing great melodies is one that very few are any good at. That s...


A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Music about melody. ... A hook is a short catchy melodic idea designed to be instantly memorable. A fill is a short ... Music related graphic images · Glossary of Musical Terms · Essentials of Music.


There are music producers that aren't aware that production hooks exist, even though they ... In simple terms, repetition helps the hook to be remembered.