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The crew chief is the leader of the pit crew and assigns a pit crew ... These tools are used to help analyze the car up close ... Many jackmen watch the tire changers to make sure the lug nuts are tight.


Jan 5, 2015 ... Several factors dictate a team's pit-road strategy. Race length, caution flags, fuel mileage and tire wear are all considered before the crew chief ...


The most powerful tool a NASCAR driver has is his car -- but his car wouldn't survive even one race without the care it gets from the crew. NASCAR pit crews are ...


Learn about a NASCAR Pit Crew Person career! ... Swap tires, clean windshields , and gas up world-class race cars! ... the racecar for the race and makes sure it complies with all NASCAR standards, as well as the Crew Chief's directions.


Apr 11, 2013 ... Christmas Abbott has made history by becoming the first full-time female NASCAR pit crew member with Michael Waltrip Racing, a job that ...


Jun 30, 2016 ... Get the lowdown on NASCAR pit crews and what they do to keep ... crew chief works with the driver to make sure the chassis is set up the way ...


So in order to make sure he has enough money to pay everybody, the owner has ... Pit crew: Up to seven people are allowed to go over the pit wall and service a ...


Being a member of a pit crew is an intense, fast-paced job with large ... Even before enrolling in any type of pit crew or NASCAR training program, make sure you ... you may have to start at the bottom and work your way up to a major team.


Oct 19, 2007 ... The active pit crew for a NASCAR pit stop is comprised of: The jackman raises each side of the car so that the tires can be replaced.