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The structure of the entablature varies with the three classical orders: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. In each, the proportions of the subdivisions (architrave, frieze, ...


Which Greek order has an entablature with a three-panel architrave and a decorated freize? ... Ionic is the most decorative of the three Greek orders. The other ...


The entablature is commonly divided into the architrave, the frieze and the cornice. ... The shaft sometimes decorated with fluting. ... The three ancient Greek orders have since been used in Western architecture, both .... Fiberglass Wall Panels.


The oldest, simplest, and most massive of the three Greek orders is the Doric, which ... The entablature has a distinctive frieze decorated with vertical channels, ... The frieze is separated from the architrave by a narrow band called the regula.


Architrave. A square beam that is the lowest of the three horizontal ... Recessed panels, square or polygonal, that ornament a vault, ceiling, or the underside ( soffit) of an arch. ... One of the five Classical orders; favored in late Roman architecture. ... The entablature has a plain architrave, a frieze composd of metopes and ...


Overview of the Greek Revival Style; Illustrated Greek Architecture Features ... Greek temple front employing details of Doric, Ionic or Corinthian order ... classical entablature and is usually divided into two parts: the frieze above and architrave below) ... with an iron or wooden grate fashioned into a decorative Greek pattern.


frieze: In Greco-Roman Classical architecture, the middle of the three main ... horizontal panel or band used for decorative purposes—e.g., on pottery, ... Garlanded bucrania on a frieze in the temple complex of Samothrace, Greece. ... The three parts of the entablature (in ascending order) are called the architrave, frieze.


The Corinthian order consists of thin, fluted columns; topped with elaborately ... Part of the entablature, the cornice are decorative moldings above the frieze that serves ... The name probably derives from the Greek word dorus ("gift"), probably ... it consists of three parts: an architrave (horizontal beam(s)), a frieze (a panel or  ...


The Greek forms of the Doric order have no individual base and instead rest ... The frieze section of the Doric entablature is distinctive. ... On the entablature, the architrave is usually made up of three stepped ... It is called Composite because its capital is composed of Ionic volutes and Corinthian acanthus-leaf decoration.