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Human cloning is the process of manipulating DNA for the potential copying or transference of genetic information and tissues. The process, as of the early 21st century, is primarily experimental. In addition, ethical debates have stimulated a challenge... More »
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Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. The term is generally ... The first hybrid human clone was created in November 1998, by Advanced Cell Technology. It was created using SCNT - a nucleus was taken  ...


Dec 27, 2002 ... The world's first cloned baby was born on 26 December, claims the ... of human cloning point to the high rate of miscarriages of cloned animal ...


Dec 28, 2002 ... A scientist's announcement Friday that her group had produced the first cloned human being triggered skepticism from researchers, ...

Nov 7, 2015 ... This powerful documentary looks at the controversial attempts to clone a human being. The film documents for the first time on television the ...


Aug 29, 2013 ... There were angry scenes at the birthday party of Justine de Sera, the first human clone. Justine was 14 years old today and hoped to enjoy the ...


Clonaid announced birth of "first human clone" on December 26th 2002. Eve was born by caesarean section after being created by Clonaid using a technique ...


May 15, 2013 ... Human cloning has arrived. For the first time, scientists have made an embryonic clone of a person, using DNA from that person's skin cells.


Dec 27, 2002 ... The first human clone, a baby named Eve, has been born, a chemist connected to the controversial company Clonaid said Friday.


Dec 30, 2003 ... For a time late last year, it seemed possible that human cloning had been ... religious group, announced the birth of the world's first human clone.