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This table lists the elements by their name and gives some historical prices for them and their ... The current cutoff excludes elements with atomic number greater than 105. They have no isotope with ... Chlorine, Cl, 17. -, $1.50, [21] · Chromium ...


Independent and unbiased pricing information, news and market analysis for the ... Chlorine news and market information products from ICIS .... player; Gas or coal-to-olefins (CTO) – Will it ever work in the current low oil price environment?


Chlorine. Name, Chlorine. Symbol, Cl. Atomic Number, 17. Atomic Mass ... Normal Phase, Gas. Family, Halogen. Period, 3. Cost, 15 cents per 100 grams ...


Understand Chlorine price trends worldwide: historical prices practiced in USA, Europe, ... Historical & Current Prices in USA, Germany, China and Philippines.


Electrolysis of sodium chloride to produce chlorine can be achieved by the ... the diaphragm process gives the lowest product value (production cost plus a 25% ...


Chlorine's discovery, interesting facts, and properties - plus informative videos and comprehensive ... If this chlorine were released as a gas, its weight would be 5x greater than Earth's total current atmosphere. ... Cost, pure: $0.15 per 100g.


Nov 19, 2009 ... New chlorine production process uses 30 per cent less energy than current methods, says Bayer.


If cost is an issue, chlorine gas is a clear choice because calcium hypochlorite is only 65 percent available chlorine, sodium hypochlorite is 12.5 percent.


Save on pool maintenance cost and feel good about your choices with our green ... Using a low voltage current, the Chlorine Genie separates the sodium and ...